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For our article "What are Business Brokers and What Do They Do?" please click here.

If you're interested in becoming a business broker, be sure to check out the seminar offered by the ABBA.   For more information, please select "Broker Training" from the menu.

If you are a current business broker, you may want to check out the advantages of becoming an Accredited Business Intermediary (ABI) of the American Business Brokers Association.

If you're considering selling your business, please click on "Info for Sellers" in the menu to order our complimentary booklet, "Selling a Business While Avoiding Costly Mistakes."

Also, please visit and join our discussion at LinkedIn Groups.  This forum serves as a lively discussion of the issues and news in the business brokerage profession.

To view our blog, please visit "Critical Issues Involved in Buying or Selling a Business." 

For the list of the 17 states requiring business brokers to be licensed as real estate agents, please click here.

To contact the ABBA, please email us here or call us at (251) 990-5934.
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